June 6, 2016

Our Story

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What’s Our Story?

We are Chuck and Cheska Arnone. Co-Founders of Rebalance Your Life. We are on a life long mission to help as many people as possible get healthy, rebalance and live life to the fullest. We’re so happy you are here! We’re not sure how you found us but we’re happy that you did. Something led you to our site. Perhaps you are looking to slim down a bit. Maybe you have a wedding coming up or a class reunion. Or maybe you’re fed up with everything in life. One thing that we have always found is the better we feel about our health, the better we feel about life, too. There is a definite connection between health and overall happiness. To not acknowledge this is to live in constant denial.

We married in 1995 with big dreams and big goals. We now have 2 children Marissa, 16 and Maya, 7. We have always had a passion for health and fitness. We didn’t really get serious about it, however, until we were in our 40s. A few years ago, we began to do a ton of research on health and alternative medicine. We learned about GMOs and how damaging they are to our health. We decided to make the switch to organic eating. We saw and felt some immediate changes when we made the switch. Almost immediately the four of us became healthier, rarely even getting the sniffles. Despite all of the healthy eating we knew we weren’t getting all of the proper minerals and nutrients our bodies needed. We tried to figure it out ourselves by buying different supplements at Whole Foods. As far as fitness, we definitely hit a plateau. Working out harder than ever, our bodies were just not changing. We continued to search the internet for a solution. This is when we found Nutritional Rebalancing. When we started to read the science behind it and all of the lives that had been transformed from it, we knew Nutritional Rebalancing was exactly what we had been searching for. We started the program and felt immediate results. Our digestive issues were resolved in less than a week from starting the program. We no longer felt tired in the middle of the day and we honestly started to feel like we were in our 20s again. We were sleeping through the night like babies and were healthier than we had ever been. Best of all, we broke through our fitness plateaus! Within 30 days we began to see new muscle we hadn’t seen before. Our performance at the gym had increased so much we didn’t know how we had worked out before this system.

So what’s your story?

Why are you here? What is it that you are truly seeking? If it’s not weight loss, maybe you are freaking out that you just turned another year older. Or perhaps your energy is nothing like it used to be. What has held you back all of these years? Is it self doubt? Do you feel selfish when you take time for yourself to go to the gym, go to the salon or just be by yourself to think? Close your eyes and imagine for a moment what it would be like to be at your ideal weight, have tons of energy and a completely balanced life.

You didn’t get here by accident. We didn’t find Nutritional Rebalancing by accident. We are here to help you let go of that nasty inner voice that keeps causing you to quit. You are worth so much more than you know! You can be anything you want to be. We don’t care if you have tried every diet known to man and failed. This is SO different. You will feel changes on the inside and see changes on the outside which will encourage you to keep going. You will be surrounded by positive uplifting people that only have your best self in mind. We will help you get there. God will help you get there.