May 12, 2016

Healthy Aging

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Do you know what a telomere is?

Most people do not, however, telomeres are the key to how quickly and how well we age. Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of our chromosomes and are essential to healthy aging. Telomeres protect our DNA from unravelling when our cells divide. Every time our cells divide, our telomeres get shorter. Upon conception, our telomeres are 15,000 bases long. When we are born our telomeres are 10,000 bases long. And when we die, our telomeres are 5,000 bases long.

For anyone concerned about aging, telomere science will be a life changing awakening when you understand the dynamics. In fact, the discovery of telomeres is now being heralded as the largest medical breakthrough of our time. Shortly after the discovery of telomeres, a well known scientist, Dr. William Andrews made the discovery that telomeres within our reproductive cells never age! The reason, he discovered is that they produce an enzyme called telomerase.

Telomerase is not present in any of our cells besides our reproductive cells. Dr. Andrews has dedicated his life to figure out how to get telomerase into all of our cells to slow down aging and eventually even reverse aging. After years of research, he was successful at identifying 30 different plants and herbs that will actually stimulate the production of telomerase in all of our cells! This is extremely exciting news. This allows the potential to actually slow down our aging from the inside out! Dr. Andrews continues to spend over $1 million monthly to find more and more ingredients that will activate telomerase in all of our cells.

Furthermore, our anti-aging supplement increases the level of catalase, a major antioxidant enzyme in the body, by 30 percent compared to a placebo supplement. Catalase in cells works to remove excessive and toxic amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which is particularly damaging to telomeres. In fact, elevation of catalase activity has been associated with increased longevity in aging.

Through our Nutritional Rebalancing system you can opt for this miracle anti-aging supplement to be added to your regimen. Some of the “side effects” of this all natural, plant based supplement include better sleep, more energy, smoother skin, hair re-growth, better mental clarity and yes even weight loss. There is no other supplement like this available anywhere in the world.