April 29, 2016


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I have tried every diet to lose weight and nothing works!

This is not a diet.
This is a nutritional rebalancing program. We will be clearing your body of built up toxins and flooding it with nutrition. Diets fail because they lack the nutrients your body needs to sustain itself always leaving you hungry and easy to rebound. This program is the exact opposite of a diet.

I don’t have time to meal prep!

Meal prepping is extremely time consuming and not part of this program. You will find you will save hours in the kitchen on our Nutritional Rebalancing Program.

Do I have to count calories for this to work?

Absolutely not. Our program does not require you to count calories. You will feel full and nourished. Your cravings for junk foods will diminish almost immediately.

Do I have to exercise?

No. You do not need to exercise to lose pounds and inches on our program. Our superfoods will replace your fat cells with lean muscle even without exercise. You may, however, want to add exercise at some point because your energy level will reach new heights.

Will I be shopping for hours to find all of the food I need?

No. Although you will still be able to eat your own food for at least one meal, the rest of your superfood nutrition will come delivered to your door. You will save hours and most likely dollars each month from going grocery shopping.

How much weight could I lose?

You can lose as much weight as you need with our program and keep it off for life as long as you stick with your nutritional eating. Many people lose 7-20 pounds per month and are able to keep it off. Men seem to lose more pounds their first month as women lose more inches. You will feel a change most likely within your first week to let you know our program is working. To see some dramatic before and after photos click here.

I am extremely overweight and I’m worried about loose baggy skin when I lose weight.

Our program is different from every other “diet” you may have tried in the past. With Nutritional Rebalancing, your fat cells are being replaced with lean muscle so your skin will not fall and look loose and baggy. Your body will be getting all of the nutrients it needs to snap back into beautiful tight skin.

I hate my cellulite, will this program fix my issue?

Yes. Toxins are stored in your fat cells. By eliminating toxins and changing your fat cells to lean muscle your cellulite will certainly diminish.

I’m not fat but I have no energy, could Nutritional Rebalancing work for me?

Yes, absolutely. You will feel yourself come back to life within days of starting this program. You will have more energy than you’ve had for years. And although you may not think you’re fat, you may be skinny fat. Our system will eliminate visceral fat surrounding your organs that drag you down and make you feel sluggish.