May 13, 2016


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One of the most immediate effects you will feel when you begin our Nutritional Rebalancing Program is Energy!

Lack of energy is due to your body being loaded with environmental toxins and improper nutrition. However, once you begin to rebalance, your cells will begin to clear of toxic build up. Nutrients will flood your bloodstream with the inevitable effect of energy you only felt in your twenties.

Whether or not you are an athlete, energy is necessary to get through life. With Nutritional Rebalancing you will experience energy from the time you wake up until you decide to go to bed. You will no longer feel the need to take a nap mid-day. Your home life with homework, dishes, and driving kids back and forth from dance and sports will become easy.

Our all natural approach to revive your energy is unlike any other system on the planet. Through a combination of sustainably sourced ingredients, our system works synergistically together to deliver the energy you need to get through life. Ingredients include all natural root, leaf, fruit and berry extracts, natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate.

Also exclusive to our approach is the use of adaptogens. What are adaptogens? Adaptogens are a healthy and effective way to deal with stress without negative side effects. From the Greek word “adapto” meaning to adjust, the term Adaptogen refers to plants that produce special substances originally intended to help them adapt to stressors in their own environment. Adaptogens have properties that also extend benefits to humans.

Former Soviet Union research scientists Nicolai Lazarev and Israel Brekhman were first to study Adaptogens scientifically in hopes to provide a natural means of improving strength, energy, and stamina in soldiers, athletes and cosmonauts. More extensive research found that Adaptogens work to normalize the body’s functions under stress. Taking adaptogens daily improves mental and physical performance while reducing fatigue.

Reduce Stress and Increase Energy with Adaptogens!

Adaptogens help the body reduce and resist effects of stress and anxiety, however they each have their own mechanism to benefit overall health. Because there’s no toxicity associated with Adaptogens, the more you consume the better. Adaptogens play a large role in our Nutritional Rebalancing Program to help you reduce fatigue, adapt to stress and increase energy.