June 14, 2017


Hot Like Hollywood Body Transformation Challenge

Do you wake up every day super excited about what’s to come?

Do you have endless energy to accomplish everything on your list?

Do you love the way you look in a bathing suit?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, it’s time to Spice up your Life!

Hi! I’m Cheska Arnone. I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor from Clearwater, FL and Mom of 2. A couple of years ago I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel going round and round with no real excitement. I was a stressed out jewelry designer wondering what my purpose was. I had pretty much given up on most of my dreams and was so tired by 8 o’clock every night I could barely make lunches for my children. It was when I started having anxiety attacks I knew it was time for a big change. I have always loved fitness and have been obsessed with food labels for as long as I can remember. I decided despite spending years and thousands of dollars into developing a jewelry design patent, it wasn’t making me truly happy and I was going to make a switch to help everyone I could become healthy. That’s when the idea for TRANSFORM NATION was born. Now, as a fitness trainer and health coach, I feel completely content knowing I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. My desire is for you to feel as content as I do. That you wake up every day with so much excitement and energy for life that you can’t wait to get out of bed and get started. If you don’t feel that way or you’re wondering what God’s purpose is for your life, I ask that you give me 16 weeks to show you a different way.

Give me 16 weeks to change your life! Upon Completion of My Total Body Transformation Challenge You Can Expect:

  • An Urge to Purchase Smaller Clothes

  • Crazy Excitement for Life

  • Unexplained Happiness and Joy for No Apparent Reason

  • Contagious Self Confidence

  • A New Found Purpose for Life and Desire to Share your Knowledge with Others

  • An Unexpected End to Craving Donuts and Ice Cream

  • An Ultra Enhanced Love Life

  • A Revival of Your Buried Dreams and Goals

  • True Inner Peace

Here’s How We’ll Do It:

  1. First, you will describe to me exactly what your goals are concerning weight loss, more muscle, more energy, etc.

  2. Then together, with the help of my amazingly talented nutritionist friends, we will design a complete custom nutrition plan guaranteed to get you to your goals in 16 weeks.

  3. Next, you will be invited once per week to my Calorie Blasting Total Body Workouts on the beach. Don’t worry, if you don’t live near me, you can join us LIVE or workout later with our recorded video workouts.

  4. Complete support form our TRANSFORM NATION Community is Key. You’ll be invited into a Private Facebook Group to stay motivated with your new friends. Our tribe mates are constantly posting new recipes and workout tips to keep you excited about your new journey!

  5. Incentive. We have teamed up with local businesses that want to entice you to change your life! In fact, you’ll be entered into a national challenge where the top transformation wins $25,000!

How much does this Cost?

Actually, unless someone else is paying for all of your food, it will cost you nothing. I will show you how to re-direct all of the money you are currently spending on food that isn’t getting you closer to your goals into food that will.

You are 16 weeks away from a New Life. Start Today for Free! Call me, I’m here. 727-439-6687